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The history of Goldsboro dates back to 1867 and the completion of the D&C Railroad. At that time, the town had a population of just nine people and was named Old Town. In 1870, the name was changed to Goldsborough because the village wanted a more modern name and the land surrounding the village was owned by Dr. G.W. Goldsborough. Years later the spelling was updated to Goldsboro. Today, the town of Goldsboro has a population of 228 residents. There is a Mayor and Two Commissioners, a Planning Commission, and a Board of Appeals. Businesses in the town include a medical center, a stone and gravel business, a beauty salon, and a Christian store. It is a quaint town with a lot of charm and a very supportive, active community. The town is very business-friendly and is actively seeking additional businesses.

Vision Statement

Goldsboro:  A Sustainable Community

Goldsboro, Maryland is a Certified Sustainable community.  The town cherishes its character and continuously seeks opportunities to effect positive change in a way that maximizes sustainability of land, water, and other renewable resources while providing a safe and healthy home for residents and visitors. The Goldsboro Community Park is environmentally friendly, a gathering space for recreation and relaxation, and a focal point for families in our community. The local Farmer’s Market is thriving. It supports healthy eating with fresh products and is easily accessible to residents and the surrounding community. Town residents are engaged in healthy lifestyles with community-supported walking, running, and bicycling opportunities; wellness programs include health initiatives and promote community outreach. Town policies support sustainability by modeling energy conservation and efficiencies and encourage local merchants and service providers to do the same.